Art is Happening this Friday at the CGA!

This month we have two talented featured artists: Ann Howe and Jean Scholz. Reception this Friday from 6 to 9 PM at the gallery…please come join us for refreshments and fresh work from all our artists!

Ann Howe's "Ochre Cliffs of Roussillon"

Ann looks at the world in a way that leads to a deep appreciation of landscapes. She often uses her artwork to explore the position of horizons and the way shadows bring out unique features in a landscape. Ever since her girlhood on a farm, she has also noticed the beauty of the form, texture, and variety of fruits and vegetables, and her keen observations result in paintings charged with color and light in which she explores these images.

Jean Scholz's "Along the Lake"

Jean creates exquisite landscapes filled with colorful, shimmering atmosphere. She is an award winning artist who finds inspiration in the light and movement of nature. Although she started painting in oils, she then switched to watercolor. Several years ago she began to explore oils again, painting plein air with a palette knife in an impressionistic style and now works in both media. Jean has received many awards and her paintings are in both national and international collections.

Come meet these and many other local artists this Friday at the Cary Gallery!


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